jednota v rozmanitosti
unity in diversity
einigkeit in vielfalt

19 – 28 / 5 / 2017


28. 6. 2017

This year of Meeting Brno festival is over with a success. During the ten festival days we have met about 70 interesting guests from 7 European countries who presented delicate topics from our past and present days to more than 13.000 people in more than 50 programmes.

15. 5. 2017

On the occasion of the eleventh memorial of expulsion of German speaking Brno citizens we will walk in the opposite direction of the march in a symbolic gesture of reconciliation. The Mayor of Brno and other personalities including contemporary witnesses will attend the closing ceremony. This year as well the workshop for secondary school students from Brno, Germany and Austria is organized.

9. 5. 2017

A Single Place, a Few Regimes, Thousands of Life Stories. The Meeting Brno Point, a Unique Installation Recalling the Unsettled History of Moravian Square Has Been Built.

8. 5. 2017

Vienna and Brno are not only connected by the railway formerly known as the Kaiser-Ferdinand-Nordbahn, and the two cities share much more than the unique urbanistic concept of the Ringstrasse. There is so much inspiring stuff going on in the city on the Danube, and therefore Meeting Brno will include a section of three individual events titled Intercity Brno-Wien.

25. 4. 2017

Jiří Gruša was a dissident, poet and prose writer, translator, president of the International PEN Club, diplomat, and mediator of national and cultural co-operation. As part of our festival, you can explore the Czech-German exhibition entitled Jiří Gruša - Happy without a Homeland in the Moravian Museum.  

22. 4. 2017

Two weeks before the festival, we will open an exhibition of one of our resident artists, a young Swedish artist who was born in Czechoslovakia and lives in Germany – We Are Strangers. Both Here And There.

27. 3. 2017

Do you want to join a unique artistic project by Kateřina Šedá? Do you want to play your music to Brno citizens? Are you not afraid to play in trams and on a big stage?

27. 3. 2017

Food is an essential element of the identity of each society, and it is based not only on the lifestyle and fertility of the region, but also its history. That’s why this year’s Meeting Brno festival will end with a culinary weekend to offer the visitors a wide variety of domestic and exotic dishes and a programme for children and adults.