Ivan Blatný and Martin Reiner: The Forgotten Poet

Sunday / 03. 06. 2018
kavárna kina Scala, Moravské nám. 3


Ivan Blatný (1919 Brno – 1990 Colchester) immortalized his poetic image of Brno in the collection Melancholic Walks. He loved his native town, but the oppressive environment forced him to emigrate in 1948. He bore life in his London exile very heavily - his mental health deteriorated, he suffered from paranoia, and from 1954 he was permanently committed to psychiatric hospitals. Even so, he wrote poems that never would have gotten out to the readers, if it weren’t for the nurse Frances Meacham, who shares his memories of the poet in this documentary.

The film screening will be followed by a discussion with the writer and ‘blatnologist’ Martin Reiner, who will present an anthology of Blatný’s late poetry. It is called A Prague Child Goes Home from the Cinema, and it was nominated for the Magnesia Litera 2018 award as a publishing achievement.

The Forgotten Poet. Directed by: Jaroslav Večeřa (1994, 12 min.)