jednota v rozmanitosti
unity in diversity
einigkeit in vielfalt

19 – 28 / 5 / 2017


Installation on Moravské náměstí square
19. 5 – 30. 9. 2017
Moravské náměstí

The aim of the Meeting Brno festival is, among others, to remember places that are significant in the rich multicultural history of the city – the Moravské náměstí square is, of course, one of them. Until the mid-19th century it was a bulwark area, with St. Thomas’ Church and the Augustinian monastery – the most vulnerable part of the Brno fortifications, where, however, the attack of the Swedes besieging our city was famously repulsed in 1645.

Later, the walls were demolished, then in 1891 the German House or Deutsches Haus designed by the Berlin architects Ende and Böckmann in the style of northern German historicist architecture was built in the vacated space. The building, initiated by the German minority living in Brno, including important Jewish businessmen, was supposed to be a place for meetings, cultural events, and education for all social classes. People from a wide neighborhood came there because of the prestigious program and famous artists who were performing. 

However, shortly after World War II it was perceived as a symbol of fascism; it was demolished and the park was used as a burial ground for deceased Soviet liberators. The sculpture Communists was placed there as a symbol of Czech-Soviet friendship; nevertheless, it was removed after the Velvet Revolution. This area is a true crossroads of the rich history of the region, but its current form is not very convincing – maybe the citizens of Brno are not able to cope with it yet. 

That is why we have focused on the park area and decided to recall all the historical layers. You can visit the exhibition prepared by Michal Doležel and see the ephemeral architecture of Brno architects Ondřej Chybík and Michal Krištof. Within its transparent structure it points out the significant places in the area and also gives the park a new, modern face for the upcoming summer that will hopefully attract Brno citizens and visitors as a place to meet, a place with a rich history, a place with a unique atmosphere.