jednota v rozmanitosti
unity in diversity
einigkeit in vielfalt

19 – 28 / 5 / 2017


Saturday / 20. 5. 2017
8:30 - 22:00
Mendlovo náměstí

In 2015 the Reconciliation March and the associated Declaration of Reconciliation and Shared Future, an expression of regret about the post-war violence against the German-speaking population of Brno, became a culminating point of the process of coping with the past and reconciliation between both sides. The event was developed from the Remembrance Marches founded in 2007 by Jaroslav Ostrčilík that have followed in the footsteps of those who were expelled. The Reconciliation March, however, leads in the opposite direction, back to Brno, as a symbolic gesture of reconciliation.

Thus this year again we will set out from the mass grave in Pohořelice to the Mendelovo náměstí square in Brno. There the pilgrims will have a chance to enjoy music and refreshments and to meet inspiring people, including contemporary witnesses and public figures. The Mayor of Brno, Petr Vokřál, and the Governor of South Moravia, Bohumil Šimek, will also attend the event. 

Historical facts: On the last night of May 1945 about twenty thousand German-speaking people living in Brno – old men, women, and children – were expelled from their homes. More than 1,700 did not survive the exhausting journey to the Austrian border, and thus this postwar excess entered history as the so-called Brno Death March.  

Transport: Pilgrims can join or leave the procession at any point thanks to the shuttle buses between Pohořelice and Brno. The bus stops are at Mendelovo náměstí at the brewery, Brno – Celní, Rajhrad Městský úřad, and Pohořelice náměstí. Buses will carry the sign POUŤ SMÍŘENÍ. The first bus leaves at 8:30 from Mendelovo náměstí square. The buses are for free.

Program on Saturday, 20. May:

  8:30 departure of the first buses to Pohořelice (other depart at 9:00)
  9:30 opening of the March at the remembrance cross in Pohořelice
18:00 concert in the Augustinian Abbey in Mendlovo náměstí square