Visiting Hugo Haas

Monday / 04. 06. 2018
byt Haasových, Biskupská 8


Hugo Haas (1901 Brno – 1968 Vienna), a ‘First Republic’ idol of the silver screen as well as actor at the National Theatre, was forced to make a dramatic escape into emigration in 1939 before a wave of rising fascism. Via Paris, Spain and Lisbon, he made his way to the United States where he successfully tried to make a new career in Hollywood filming and directing films and also found his way back into theatre. In the late 1950’s he returned to Europe and lived in Vienna, as close as possible to his beloved native city but which he, alas, never saw again.

A special screening will take place in the house where the Haas brothers lived. Due to limited capacity it is necessary to book a place via .


Visiting Hugo Haas. Directed by: Jiří Vondráček (1968, 60 min.)